Friday, January 11, 2013


"I fear one thing I want to be success ful man but at cliff only one man can stand", when by the time you earn lots of money I don't know that you still can find people that love u unconditionally or find people that love u because you have money or you are successful.


I had come from my home(native) , I was in my college when and during  afternoon time I used to get pain in my stomach, I thought of taking medicine but then again it was next day, so i negelected as even medicines were not present and it was not that severe, but then at weeked when I was at my room, I felt again pain in afternoon. I drank some water and eat food, I did not get stomach pain.

I din't realised that the pain nothing but "hunger"

I have really had a tough time in school time too when, I remember that I did not have any thing to eat me and my brother had one one carrot , drank water and slept.

Now I have realized what is real meaning of food, I never waste food, and have started to respect more.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Speaking Poor English

Today:  I can give Presentation on any topic and take meetings, speak to Client form UK and US.
 there was a time I wanted to run away from giving News at school assembly.

Humiliation and Failures : 
There was time when i joined Tata DAV public School a English Medium School. and me comming form Gyanodaya Vidya Mindar. where i have always spoken in hindi, english for me was just a subject.But In TATA DAV Public shool i did not clear english Paper and was vitually denied of admission. I had no Idea what i wrote in that paper. but Dad came home with papers and  Banged me. i was very upset. but  managed to get addmission.

There is also another incidence where in some school i was asked to bring Gum from senior class:
Seniors laughed loud as I opened my mouth and said " they wouldn't giving GUM"
I didn't realise what i said but knew some thing was terribly wrong with speaking.

I was asked to choose simple poem and just deliver it but wanted to deliver a poem that which a best student of my class would have been(Vimugdha Kaharia). I requested my teacher(prameela) please give me some thing that u would have given her. though I did not win that poem but got acknowledged. Latter same year I won Ex tempo competition.

Getting Call from Big Company

I studied in one small college and with not good facilities  but what ever was their I made best use of it.
But due to 12th results and percentage and year gap did not allowed me to sit in test. I started to work for small company but with a dream and  mine friends found big companies got instantly
got recruited for  big Companies. and Today I found one of my dream come true. When One of the big Companies found me and said
"Will u like to work for us." its not all complete yet...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lets Win

ITs Inspiration blog that i am writing its all about how better you know, how much you believe in you.
I will share some of my personal experience and achievement that i am proud of and still improving and learning to be the best man at what i do.